UPMATIC - Supercharged Sneaker Insoles

By Uncle Eddi3

The comfort level in any sneaker is probably one of the most important factors for customers when considering a purchase, but in particular for those in the market for the most sought after sneakers that can be pretty expensive when purchasing at retail cost, and sometimes astronomically expensive on the secondary markets. Generally, the major brands have done a great job with their latest designs and materials, including the insoles that are included with new models (I will admit, some have done a better job than others), however given the high demand for retro sneakers, that is not the case for all releases, and there is quite a bit of fluctuation in the “feel” of the insole from sneaker to sneaker even with new releases and models. In some cases, really expensive sneakers just aren’t as comfortable as one would expect unfortunately. There really has been a gap in the industry until recently on products that were consistently durable, creatively designed and widely available. 

Enter UPMATIC Soles and their “supercharged sneaker insoles”

Choices, Choices, Choices

I really enjoyed browsing both UPMATIC's IG shop and website and found various choices to pick from. This was the first time I was personally purchasing insoles of this kind (have tried Dr Sholl's and such in the past for full transparency), but I could tell immediately this was a product focused and geared towards sneakerheads. You can check them out yourself on Instagram, @getupmatic, and on their website, www.getupmatic.com

I decided to go with two that caught my attention immediately; The NASA Edition - Man on the Moon, and the 1988 Blue Elephant Limited Edition

My order was quickly processed, and I had my insoles in a matter of a couple of days. As you can see from the pictures below, the packaging is really first class. Each pair of insoles came in their own sealed bag, and I immediately got the sense I purchased a really high quality product.

I was pretty giddy to try one of them on, and decided to go with the NASA Edition Man on the Moon, the concept is just so cool and I immediately "gravitated" towards them. I decided I would try them first on a pair of Air Jordan 1 High's, Top 3, and inserted UPMATIC Insoles. I did the insole of the left shoe first to really try and get a good feel for the difference while wearing the right shoe without the insoles.

I was truly amazed on how different my feet felt. AJ1's are notoriously not the most comfortable shoe, and more so in this day an age, but many, including myself, consider some AJ1 colorways "holy grail" of sneakers, and so it was mind blowing that I could actually get this level of comfort on an AJ1. I can confirm that the fit was also perfect! They just overall felt like a durable product that I would be able to use daily to increase the comfort in practically any sneaker. 

Lastly is just how cool these things are. I would be remiss to not highlight the creativity from UPMATIC. I am so pleased by the many cool designs available, and can't wait to go back and order some more. I think I could really use these moving forward, and I'm sure the folks at UPMATIC continue to work on new designs to deliver to our community. Overall, extremely impressed with the product. 

An Uncle Eddi3 Favorite for sure!


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