Solepack - the premier lifestyle travel shoe bag company

By Uncle Eddi3

Solepack - the premier lifestyle travel shoe bag company

Ask any traveling sneakerhead and most people for that matter, jamming your kicks at the bottom of your suitcase is just not cool. Sneakers and shoes take up a lot of space and running out of room for your essential clothing is almost but a guarantee. If you are sneakerhead and are traveling around with a couple of $600 grails, you’re also probably keen on providing some sort of protection for them while on the move. For these reasons, many in our community found all sorts of interesting ways over the years to travel around with kicks. We have tried it all, from wrapping them in clothing items within our suitcases, to carrying around additional bags altogether on trips, just to pack our sneakers. Unfortunately, these alternatives have not really been successful. Enter travel shoe bags and specialized backpacks. The industry has sort of exploded over the last few years, and many of the current options in the marketplace are focused around solving these issues mobile sneakerheads and people alike face when traveling around with their kicks. One standout in this space is Solepack, a premier lifestyle travel shoe bag company based out of Staten Island, NY, and committed to designing products of uncompromised function, ergonomics and style for our community.

Dating back to the late ’90s and early 2000’s Solepack’s founder, Mike Sala, a sneakerhead himself, but also a student at the time studying physical therapy, commuter, baller, runner, hiker, and traveler, knew there needed to be a new way to ergonomically pack and carry sneakers. This is when Solepack’s SP-1 shoe carrier bag was born, and it launched a movement to create staples for people of all lifestyles.  Some of their bags are below:

  • SP1 shoe carrier bag - - Solepack’s signature patented backpack accessory that ergonomically attaches to the sides of any backpack for you to pack your kicks in and keep them fresh. Free your hands of an extra bag to hold and keep the inside of your bag clean.


  • GRF string bag - Available in two sizes (GRF and the larger GRF+), this is a drawstring bag with exterior compartments for your shoes. Ideal for the gym, training sessions, and other activities that require light packing.


  • OMEGA backpack - A backpack with 30L capacity, designed to be fully compatible with the SP-1 bags; special features include retractable front buckles to fasten SP-1 bags and a bottom compartment large enough to fit a basketball. Ideal for a busy day or long weekend trip.

 Omega 1Omega 2

Of note – Solepack is heavily influenced by the culture and continues to embrace the culture through their ongoing collaborations with the likes of urban artists, NBALAB, and others. From amateur to professional athletes, artists to sneakerheads, and anyone in between, Solepack is truly revolutionizing the urban and outdoor adventures of all communities. They also have been featured in GQ UK Magazine, Complex and others.

It’s super easy to find them, contact them and shop with them. Ordering and shipping are great, with orders being processed the same day and shipped out within 24-48 hours. You can find them on their Instagram, @solepack, and their website, However, they absolutely don’t mind folks just sliding in their DM’s and expressing interest. Ultimately, word of mouth and people wearing Solepack bags around New York City were how we became aware of them.  

Let’s start packing smarter for our trips, no matter where the destination might be. Whether they’re going for a quick jog in the park or a weekend backpacking trip, sneakerheads typically want to take their kicks along for the ride. Thus, Solepack is the ideal solution for them, as well as for those that have considered carrying an extra pair of shoes but don’t due to the inconvenience. It really does give us options and of course, the necessary protection needed for our grails.

Solepack – an Uncle Eddi3’s certified favorite brand!


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