The Sneaker Throne - Premium sneaker display & storage

By Uncle Eddi3

The Sneaker Throne - Premium sneaker display & storage

The Sneaker Throne holds the crown.


Sneaker collectors universally will tell you, not only is the collection important to them, but how they organize, display and sometimes even categorize their kicks is just as significant. From personal experience, and just sheer practicality, the more of these grails you acquire, the more there is a need to develop an efficient system to store and display them, all while making sure they are protected. After all, you did spend all this money already, and the last thing you need is to have your expensive, sometimes priceless collection ruined by a number of hazards like oxidation and humidity to name a few. 

This is where the good folks at The Sneaker Throne come in. They offer various options for deluxe display setups that offer not only a great visual look for your kicks, but also the much needed protection they require. The options are pretty cool and seem to be crafted specifically to solve these challenges. Take a look at them below. 


“The first out-of-the-box, luxury light-up display cabinet crafted of wood.  Designed exclusively for sneaker collectors.” 

As quoted on their site,, it’s hard to disagree. I decided to purchase a couple of these cabinet’s, and was extremely satisfied with the result. From putting it all together, to the LED lights, and customer service when I asked questions about the product, the experience was great. They offer both a white and black version, comes with pretty easy to follow instructions, and in about an hour and half I was done building both. The really nice thing about these cabinets, they fit HIGH TOPS with ease! This was a welcomed benefit from my purchase! They also now offer a “cement” skin for your thrones, and I am keen on ordering a few to try them out. A few personal images below:

Drop Side Storage Boxes

This is their single-pair option. These are really great as well. They offer easy placement ANYWHERE. On a shelf, stacking them on top of each other on the floor, on a desk, etc. They feature a clear drop side magnetic door, which is really great, and also can easily fit your Air Jordan 1 HIGHS!


After having my two thrones setup, I’m hooked! I will be going back to them for more, and maybe even look at the black cabinets as well to complement the white ones I have already. Pricing can be found on their site for each of the products above, but the The Sneaker Throne folks actively also run promotions throughout the year that can provide discounts. Be sure to give them a follow on their IG @mysneakerthrone to stay up to date for their latest promotions. 


This is certified UNC favorite! 


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