Get Laced - adding uniqueness to your grails, one shoelace at a time

By Uncle Eddi3

Get Laced - adding uniqueness to your grails, one shoelace at a time

Let’s be clear, being a sneakerhead is surely an expensive hobby. We spend massive amounts of cash on acquiring the kicks we really want whether at retail cost or even on the secondary market, we bring them home, lace them up, throw them on and realize tons of other people have the exact same sneakers. In essence, that’s why the value of limited releases tends to do much better on the secondary market, there’s just a lot less supply for the high demand. Sneakerheads by nature also use their kicks as a form of expression that allows them to showcase their fashion sense, and tend to purchase kicks that can span across the spectrum of colors, styles and materials for that purpose. However, the same dilemma still exists: kicks can be widely available, even the limited releases and everyone else's sneakers look like your $500 pair of GRAILS. 

This is where Get Laced shines. A premier shoelace company based right here in the USA, out of San Bernardino, California and in business since June 2019. In just a year, they’ve amassed an array of options that are available to sneakerheads to pick from to upgrade their premium sneakers with custom premium laces that have unique phrases written throughout the entire shoelace. This is really cool. Their original choices were “You Can’t Guard Me!” and “UNSTOPPABLE” and these were surely a huge hit! The rest is history. 

You Can't Guard Me!

Get Laced also continues to innovate, adding more and more phrases that we can choose from. You can view their different options across all of their social networks. Check them out on Instagram @getlaced._ and on their website at The replacement lace market has exploded recently, but for the most part the options available focus on lace swaps, where different color laces can be used as an additional fashion accent to the kicks you’ve just spent hundreds on, and that’s cool too. However, Get Laced is the only company that’s evolved that concept to phrases throughout the entire shoelace. If you can’t be guarded on the court, what better shoelace option than laces that say YOU CAN’T GUARD ME! Throughout the lace? They have some of the most creative options in the game right now. Some of the additional options include laces with phrases like: G.O.A.T, Stay Woke, #FACTS and BLACK LIVES MATTER. Take a look below at some of the available options: 

UNC to CHI patentAJ1 Low


Ordering, processing and shipping is also smooth with Get Laced. Orders can be placed through their website, and you should certainly sign up for their newsletter since it gets you early arrival purchasing and discount offers. Typically, items are shipped within 2-3 days via USPS and orders over $25 are shipped free within the US. They also provide a brand affiliate/ambassador program for folks looking to join their team and rock their products, while earning a portion of the proceeds for the products sold through their unique link. 

Up until recently, the options were limited to colors only, and from personal experience, it just wasn’t enough to move the needle to purchase replacement laces. Get Laced has truly changed that completely. As sneakerheads we now have options with phrases that reflect what’s most uniquely important to each of us as individuals and in our lives. Whether it's a phrase that describes your mindset, your attitude towards life or your passion for a specific cause or movement, Get Laced gives you the freedom to test and explore beyond the boring and lack of originality that can come out of the box with your favorite premium sneakers’ laces.

Get Laced - an Uncle Eddi3’s Certified Favorite Brand


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