Downhill - Embroidered Designed Socks

By Uncle Eddi3

Downhill - Embroidered Designed Socks


Up until the last 2-3 years or so, only a select group of folks within the sneaker community had really focused on diversifying their sock collection. I must admit, I'm just as guilty as the next person who up until recently never really understood the significance of what a pair of nicely constructed, cool looking socks can do for both your comfort level as well as fashion sense. No more are the days of just going to your local discount store to pick up a 6 pack of Hanes or Fruit of the Loom socks, instead customers have the option to really experiment with all different colors, designs, materials, etc.  In fact, some really impressive brands focused on providing customers with these designer sock options have flourished over the last few years. 

Downhill Socks is a great example why. 

I ordered the product myself after all the great reviews on the company and their socks online. The first thing I noticed immediately was how great the folks are. I had a question about shipping speed, and immediately got a response. That was a great sign. I proceeded to order four pairs of socks, and after seeing the simple yet exclusive-feel designs, I really wanted to order all of the ones that were available. The four I purchased are below, and the packaging was great as well!

I proceeded to try on the white pair (Mask On). Immediately, I was impressed by the materials and how they felt on my feet. It really gave me a sense that these were not the typical pair of socks you pick up at your local Target or Walmart. The socks immediately felt like some additional cushioning, and I could tell by the quality of the materials used that these would still be in good shape after multiple washes.

I did some walking around on both carpet and hardwood floors, and it just felt like the socks absorbed some of the impact of each footstep. I then slipped on a pair of Air Jordan 8's to get a better sense for what they felt like in sneakers. Again, Downhill Socks impressed. Overall, it felt like it even made the sneakers themselves more comfortable as well. 

Of course, as I sneakerhead, one of the main reasons I purchased these originally was because of the stylish designs, so I'd be remiss to not comment on design. The masked man and chain has a nice elevated stitch feel to them, and really liked that a lot as it made them feel "ready-made" for kicks. All four designs I got are also pretty clever, and I have no doubt the folks at Downhill will continue coming up with many more designs for us sneakerheads to try. Again, really pleased by the design element of the socks. 

Check them out for yourselves, on IG @downhillsocks, or on their site,

Your toes won't regret it!





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