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We ask that our customers and supporters within the sneaker and hype goods community stay engaged with us on social media and our website. In exchange, our team secures the most exclusive and sought after sneakers and goods from all the major retailers and every week one or more of our supporters will be chosen to enter our store privately and purchase one of the available featured HYPE items at RETAIL cost.  Simply pay your local tax and shipping charges. This is how we fulfill our company mission: to provide the most sought after and exclusive sneakers and goods to customers who want to live by our motto of "RockDontStock"

Every single item sold on Uncle Eddi3's comes with the original purchase receipt as proof of authenticity. Trust, like in any business is number one on our minds, and we hope we can earn yours. 

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Air Jordan 1 Retro High OG Silver Toe

Air Jordan 1 Retro High OG Silver Toe

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Release - February 2021

Air Jordan 1 High OG Silver Toe

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Cleankicks LI - experts at extending the shelf life of your grails

You want to know the elephant in the room for all sneakerheads alike? The grails we just spent boatloads of cash on, have a shelf life! Yes, that is the truth. From personal experience, no matter how exclusive or sought after or expensive the latest pair you were able to cop is, depending on several factors, sneakers go through a deterioration process. Slowing down that process is key, and it’s even possible to sort of “freeze” the condition in time sort of speak, but just like anything else, eventually the materials tend to give out. Whether it’s the sole coming unglued or icy bottoms starting to yellow, or just general wear and tear from heavy use, sneakerheads all face a similar dilemma: Now that I’ve spent all this money, how can I get the most value out of this purchase? That’s where making sure you are following proper handling and care instructions goes a long way, as well as considering extending the shelf life of your purchase by leveraging restoration and cleaning services. This is where Cleankicks LI, a Long Island NY based company has excelled as they provide an array of services focused around the maintenance and extension of the shelf life of your kicks. 

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Get Laced - adding uniqueness to your grails, one shoelace at a time

Let’s be clear, being a sneakerhead is surely an expensive hobby. We spend massive amounts of cash on acquiring the kicks we really want whether at retail cost or even on the secondary market, we bring them home, lace them up, throw them on and realize tons of other people have the exact same sneakers. In essence, that’s why the value of limited releases tends to do much better on the secondary market, there’s just a lot less supply for the high demand. Sneakerheads by nature also use their kicks as a form of expression that allows them to showcase their fashion sense, and tend to purchase kicks that can span across the spectrum of colors, styles and materials for that purpose. However, the same dilemma still exists: kicks can be widely available, even the limited releases and everyone else's sneakers look like your $500 pair of GRAILS. 

This is where Get Laced shines. A premier shoelace company based right here in the USA, out of San Bernardino, California and in business since June 2019.

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Solepack - the premier lifestyle travel shoe bag company

Ask any traveling sneakerhead and most people for that matter, jamming your kicks at the bottom of your suitcase is just not cool. Sneakers and shoes take up a lot of space and running out of room for your essential clothing is almost but a guarantee. If you are sneakerhead and are traveling around with a couple of $600 grails, you’re also probably keen on providing some sort of protection for them while on the move. For these reasons, many in our community found all sorts of interesting ways over the years to travel around with kicks. We have tried it all, from wrapping them in clothing items within our suitcases, to carrying around additional bags altogether on trips, just to pack our sneakers. Unfortunately, these alternatives have not really been successful. Enter travel shoe bags and specialized backpacks. The industry has sort of exploded over the last few years, and many of the current options in the marketplace are focused around solving these issues mobile sneakerheads and people alike face when traveling around with their kicks. One standout in this space is Solepack, a premier lifestyle travel shoe bag company based out of Staten Island, NY, and committed to designing products of uncompromised function, ergonomics and style for our community.

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